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Hellmouth's hometown has been ranked one of the top ten worst cities on Earth.  Bad Religion asked, “how could hell be any worse?” on their first record...they clearly hadn't been to the modern day Sodom and Gommorah called Detroit. Hellmouth is bombs, death, unemployment, corruption, sex and politics.  Hellmouth is both anti-christ and anti-human.  Hellmouth is an ugly fucking place to call home.

The four horsemen from Detroit draw on their combined years of devastation in the punk, hardcore and metal communities since the 80's to put forth the most extreme and uncompromising band of its members' careers.  With nods to bands like Celtic Frost, Black Flag, Discharge, Venom and Darkthrone, Hellmouth is drawing from its members' past while carving its own disgusting future.

After signing to Ferret Records within a week of releasing their demo, Hellmouth unleashed their debut album, Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing. to a growing international cult of followers.  The Church protested in '09, riots broke out at shows (Detroit doomed to repeat itself whether it's '67 or '07), Hellmouth was banned from the pubs for being a public threat and yet still managed to spread its plague and slaughter the herd of non-believers.  In 2010, they again d-beat listeners to death with their fucked-up arsenal of doom, thrash, death and destruction titled Gravestone Skylines on Paper + Plastick Records.  Bible burnings and general mayhem ensued.  Now conspiring with Fast Break Records, January of 2017 will bring the final album in the trilogy aptly entitled Oblivion; a world-ending opus to further drag listeners into darkness and misery.

Hellmouth has annihilated stages from the slums of Brooklyn to punk squats in Chicago and laid waste to bands from Toronto to Philly and from Cleveland to the battlefields of Detroit. The death-toll increases with every show as the True Cult ov Hellmouth play as if each day is their last.

Fuck Armageddon...this is Hellmouth.